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English-Language Comedy

If you're looking for something to do this Friday night in Utrecht, consider taking in an English-language comedy show on the historic and picturesque Oudegracht.

Het Werftheater is playing host to American comedian Jovanka Steele. An expat herself, she's been living in Europe for the past ten years and has based her show Adventures in Europe-Land on her reasons for leaving the USA, as well as her growing inability to understand her former countrymen. The show is a classic stand-up show with character comedy and improvisation.

The show is Friday, 16 September at Het Werftheater (Oudegracht 58-60). The theater is cozily located on the wharf level. Tickets are €13, but since seating is limited, it's recommended to call 030/231.54.40 for reservations. The show starts at 20:30.

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Roest in Amsterdam

Add another to the list of extremely popular and talked about places to have a drink, food, and layout in the sun - Roest. All summer long, in between the rainy days, people have been flooding to this former factory turned cafe and canal beach. Lots of room for you and a group of friends. When the sun goes away and night falls, Roest becomes a club, wednesday thru Sunday, complete with special guest DJ's that get a lot of attention. There are also record release parties and an art market on specific sundays.

All in all, Roest is more than a café which is probably why it is so widely talked about. Once the cold weather comes, there won't be as much hanging out beach-style, but it seems like there is plenty to do inside in the coming months.

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Second Hand Style

Those visiting Amsterdam often end up wandering the markets, especially Waterlooplein just behind the Rembrandt House. While it is possible to find some gems among the plentiful stock of the market, the real second hand/vintage legend in Amsterdam is called Episode.

You may know it from London, Antwerp, Brussels or Paris, all cities where this shop has a presence. The idea is not a new one, second hand clothes. But what is great is that they've got an extensive collection of every kind of clothing one might wish for. Different era's as well, though lets be honest, the 80's produced alot of surplus clothing that is just waiting around for new owners.

Even if you weren't thinking about buying new clothes, Episode in Amsterdam is a fun place to go to just try things on, have a laugh, maybe even take a picture. Later you can tell people of "that second hand shop we went to."

The store is open everyday, for exact hours and address, check the website.

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Open Monument Day in Utrecht

Saturday, September 10, is the 25th edition of the Open Monument Day in Utrecht, an event in which historic buildings, not always open to the public, throw open their doors. The theme this year is New Uses for Old Buildings, and explores some of the buildings in and around the city that have changed uses over the years. For example, the building now known as the University Library (Drift 27) in the city center was once was the palace of King Louis Napoleon in 1807. The Louis Hartlooper cinema was once a police station.

There will be special guided tours, both on foot and on bike, as well as debates about changes to come in other historic buildings. Music, cultural activities and more will also be taking place. The Domplein serves as the starting point for many of the activities, so you can always head there first. You can also visit the official website to get a full listing of the buildings both in and outside the city center that are taking part in the event.

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De Basis Festival

Art, culture and nature come together, with a touch of military, this weekend at Soesterberg Air Base in Utrecht for the Festival De Basis. Soesterberg is the oldest air base in Europe and the second oldest air base in the world. The American military had a presence there during the Cold War, and remains of both can be seen still. Yet the base is now a nature reserve and recreation spot, countering the military history of the site. All of this comes together September 10-11, as De Basis uses art in many forms to explore both the history of the site and the way the site will evolve over the coming years.

There will be artwork, a drawing installation, a film, and more. Opening hours are 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday. The artworks by Erik Odijk, Laurence Aëgerter and the film programme can be visited until sunset (aprox. 8 p.m.). Entrance is free. For more information about the art projects and program, visit the website (in English and Dutch).

Festival DE BASIS from Vrede van Utrecht on Vimeo.

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100 Years of Mexican Art History

On Friday, the 16th of September, Delicatessen (Sumatrastraat 32 in Amsterdam) will host an introduction to an upcoming course on 100 Years of Mexican Art History. Why the 16th? It's Dia del Grito (Day of the Scream), a well-known holiday in Mexico. The course is open to the general public and will be interesting for beginners and those with knowledge of art history.

The event is free though donations are accepted. The program consists of a reception (starting at 8pm), followed by a 30-minute presentation about the course, and an explanation about Independence Day in Mexico. The evening will end with drinks, music and a chance to talk to other attendees.

The course is offered by REC Latina and is taught by Enrique Gomez-llata, a Mexican historian and sociologist living in Amsterdam for more than ten years.

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Book events galore

The Netherlands is a great place to be if you're a fan of the literary world. Authors visit frequently to promote their books and connect with their Dutch (and expat!) audience. Here are a few book signings that are coming up in September and in Den Haag:

Borderkitchen has a couple author events approaching. First, on Tuesday, September 13th, author Michel Houellebecq will talk about his latest novel, The Map & the Territory, at 8pm in Den Haag. A little later in the month, on Wednesday, September 21st, author David Vann will also be in Den Haag to present his book, Caribou Island. This event also starts at 8pm. Please see the Borderkitchen website for more information.

The ABC Treehut in Den Haag will host a number of authors in September. On Friday, September 16th, poet Douglas John McLean will perform as Mr Elastic Brain: The Life and Poems of Sid Ozalid. This event runs from 7-9pm. The next day, Saturday, September 17th, author Carolyn Vines will host part of an ongoing seminar series called The ABC's of Writing and Publishing a Book. The theme is "The Publishing Process," and it takes place from 2-4pm. See the ABC Treehut website for details on bot of these events.

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Rene Wirths: The Thing Itself
e_662.jpgGreat art abounds in Rotterdam. For example, until September 18th, you can enjoy an exhibition by German artist Rene Wirths called The Thing Itself, at the Kunsthall.

From the Kunsthal website:

"Wirths has translated a wide range of three-dimensional objects into two dimensions on canvas: a paintbrush, a sewing machine, a ball, scrunched-up paper, and a variety of chairs and bicycles. The objects have been illustrated from above or from the side using a time-consuming painting process. His chosen subjects are built up of layers piled one on top of the other as it were, first using bold brush strokes before applying fine strokes and minute detail. Wirths allows his objects to 'pose' in his daylight studio. The objects are illustrated on canvas without context and without distraction from their surroundings. The paintings are all about what you see, what is evident, and all isolated from the rest of reality."

The Thing Itself takes place at the Kunsthall in Rotterdam. It is located in Mueseumpark at Westzeedijk 341. Adults pay € 7.50, and CJP and students up to 26 years pay € 4.50. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-5pm, and Sunday from 11am-5pm. If you have questions you can contact them at communication (at) kunsthal.nl.

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Amsterdam Fringe Festival

It is already in full swing but I thought to mention that the Amsterdam Fringe Festival is here. What is the Fringe Festival? As they describe it: "10 days // 80 theatre groups // 25 locations // performance, live art, (music) theatre, dance & uninhibited energy."
What also makes it interesting is that the locations are spread throughout the city, so if you want to enjoy the arts AND get to know the city better, this gives you a good chance to do both. The festival includes local and international groups, so don't worry about language issues and be prepared to experience something new.
I recommend reserving your tickets online, you can use international credit cards, as later these performances could be sold out when you try and get tickets last minute at the box office. While you're on the website you can also make use of the alphabetical listing of performances; get ready to have a whole lot of choices!
The Amsterdam Fringe Festival is going on now thru September 11th and there is sure to be something for everyone.

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PICNIC Festival 2011

September is here, and with it comes many great activities, exhibitions and things to do in the Netherlands. One example: the PICNIC Festival. It is a three-day event (held annually) that blurs the lines between creativity, science, technology and business. This year's theme is Urban Futures, and the focus is on sustainability, infrastructure, society, design and media.

If you're interested in attending, first head over to the ABC blog. They are offering a 20% discount on both festival Passe-partouts and Day Tickets. If you're interested, go to the PICNIC registration page and use the promotional code ABCPIC20 before completing the payment.

PICNIC Festival 2011 takes place from 14 to 16 September at NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam. ABC will also be there, with a special selection of great books.

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