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Flash Fiction: A book launch

Here's a first in the Dutch literary world: Recently, an effort was made to invite ten different writers to submit ten different chapters to the same story. They started without constraints and were told to write anything they wanted, as long as they stuck to a 1,000 word chapter. Writers followed their own ideas to make the story move forward in a creative way.

The Holland Times is behind this experiment, which is called a Flash Fiction story series and is entitled "A Bird's Eye View." To celebrate the conclusion of this exercise, The Holland Times has teamed up with The American Book Center for a special event. At the event the book will be printed on the Espresso Book Machine and the entire series will be presented in novel form.

The event takes place on Friday, December 9th at 6:30pm. Head to the American Book Center in Amsterdam, and go to the second floor (white room).

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Echt Waar Bazaar

This weekend, if you're looking to do a bit of holiday shopping, or just spend some time looking and learning more about sustainability and fair trade, check out the Echt Waar Bazaar in Utrecht. Running December 3-4, the bazaar features a mix of design, craft, recycling, fashion, vintage, food, fair trade, innovation, sustainability and more. It is held the first weekend of every month, with usually 20 or more exhibiting participants.

If you, yourself, create with recycling, sustainability and fair trade in mind, you can always be an exhibitor yourself. E-mail echtwaarbazaar@inderuimte.org for more information if you're interested, and tell them a bit about yourself.

If you just want to look around, this weekend's event runs from 12:00-17:00 Saturday and Sunday at a historic and attractive location that began life as a cloister in 1412. The historic entrance is located at Oudegracht 230, with another entrance at the Abraham Dolehof at Lange Nieuwstraat 7. For more information about the participants and the In De Ruimte organization, visit their website.

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Naturalis Leiden
IMG_3826.jpgLast week I finally visited the Naturalis museum in Leiden, and I can't believe I waited this long. The place is truly amazing.

Located not far from the central station (you just have to head in the opposite direction of the city, toward the Leiden University Medical Center) the museum is beautifully crafted and maintained. You enter through an impressive gift shop, and then climb one level to reach a long crosswalk that takes you to the actual museum, which is spread out over a number of floors. This crosswalk is full of wonderful pre-recorded animal sounds, and two giant rhinoceroses sit in the middle of everything, delighting passersby.

The exhibition halls are spectacular and well maintained. They are full of stuffed specimens of a huge variety of animals, both prehistoric and current day. And yes, there are dinosaur skeletons! They have a wonderful café on the ground floor, near the entrance. It's full of delicious food (cafeteria style) and is very popular with medical and scientific staff working nearby.

Naturalis is open every day from 10:00 to 17:00 (it is only closed four days a year, on 30 April, 3 October, 25 December and 1 January). It costs €11.00 for adults, but as usual, is free with the museum card.

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Reading your work (in public!)

It's happening tomorrow! The workshop reading your work (in public!) takes place on Sunday, December 4, from 2-5pm. The action takes place at The English Bookshop, located on Lauriergracht 71.

If you're a writer, learning to read in public is a great way to share your work with other people. The workshop aims to teach you the basics of reading aloud. It also hopes help you get over stage fright. In the three-hour session, experienced actor Daniel Cecil and theatre director Lora Mander will teach you breathing and vocal techniques, how to polish your work so it's performance ready, and how to feel at ease in front of a crowd. The session ends with a mock reading session - all participants will read in front of each other, and will get tips and feedback from the professionals.

The workshop costs EUR 35. Register now! Don't forget to bring a paper and pen, and bring some of your own work (or that of a favorite author's) to read.

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I've been visiting Amsterdam on a regular basis to attend classes at the Writer's Studio. The classes take place at the English Book Store, so I've been particularly interested in finding restaurants in the vicinity.

The other week, I struck the jackpot, thanks to Bicyclemark's suggestion. Rainarai features Algerian food in delectable variety. It's quick, delicious, and a wonderful little place to sit and relax for a short time. You can choose a small or large plate, start with couscous or rice, then choose a number of vegetable options and meat (or more vegetables if you're vegetarian). They also have delicious mint tea and wonderful soups.

The location I visited is in the Jordaan, at Prinsengracht 252. It's small but charming. They also have a larger restaurant located at the Westergasfabriek, at Polonceaukade 40.

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Kyteman: Now What

Anyone interested in the Utrecht music scene over the past few years is bound to be familiar with Colin Benders, AKA Kyteman. As frontman, band leader, and musical genius behind Kyteman's Hip Hop Orkest, he's toured extensively, won numerous prizes and made a name for himself blending hip hop, jazz, and classical into a distinctive sound. Now, film maker Menna Laura Meijer has made a documentary of the musician as he faces choices over what direction to move in for the next stage of his career. The film premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival this year in Amsterdam where it rated highly with the audience. The film is now showing at the Louis Hartlooper Complex here in Utrecht. Check the website for official times and prices. Most showings this week are at 17:15, but if you want something to do tonight on a rainy Wednesday evening, there's a showing at 22:00.

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Nationaal Smalspoormuseum

The National Smalspoormuseum (Narrow-Gauge railway) offers a look at a huge variety of transportation forms, from trucks to steam locomotives, and from cars to other passenger vehicles. A highlight of this museum is the refurbished and carefully restored steam engines, available for inspection on the premises. Employees are happy to explain how everything works. You can even ride a steam engine around Valkenburg Lake.

They offer a "Kerstritten" on Thursday and Friday, 22 and 23 December (no reservations necessary) and an "Oliebollenritten" on Thursday and Friday, 29 and 30 December (reserve online).

The museum is located at J.Pellenbargweg 1 in Valkenburg. You can get there easily by car (it's right off the A4). Via public transportation, you can travel there from Leiden Central Station or Den Haag Central Station with bus 43 (stop: Haagse Schouw). If you prefer a longer walk, then get out at de Vink station (a few stops from Leiden Central), and the museum is a 20 minute walk.

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Christmas Markets in Utrecht

Get Your Glühwein!

Weather-willing, there's something festive and charming about wandering through old city streets decked out for the holiday season, with stalls lining the streets offering food, drink, gifts and more. Although not as big as some of the ones down in Maastricht or across the boarder in Germany, Utrecht has some kerstmarkten that are still a pleasure to visit and aren't so overwhelming and crowded!

Street Lights

The traditional one is held on Twijnstraat, the city's oldest shopping street that runs along the southern end of the Oudegracht. This year, it's combining with the Streekmarkt, a local organic market held regularly on Twijnstraat. Along with organic vegetables, meats, chocolate and more, there will be other items on offer, not just organic groceries. Many stalls feature seasonal decorations, gifts, and antiques, as well as a variety of stands offering homemade soups, oliebollen, hot chocolate and a variety of gluhwein. Grab a cup of something warm and wander along the street or take a walk down one of the narrow side streets that lead down to the wharf level of the Oudegracht and just enjoy the scenery.

Along with the shopping, there are festivities and exhibitions throughout the day, including displays and entertainment at the nearby Nicolaaskerkhof. There will be singers, Morris dancers, glass blowers, a sleigh with reindeer, and a nativity scene with live animals peacefully grazing. The Twijnstraat Kerstmarkt is Sunday, 11 December, from 12:00-18:00. For more information on the festival and its offerings, including a schedule of different events, check the Twijnstraat website.

If you can't make it to the Twijnstraat Christmas market, you can always check out the Zelfgemaaktemarkt (Handmade Market) the following week, 17 December, at Mariaplaats. From 11:00-18:00, you can find a variety of handmade items, as well as food and drink, and even live music performances. The market is a great place to find a special gift for family and friends. For more information, visit the market's Facebook page.

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Pizzeria Pinocchio

Pinocchio Pizza

I've had the benefit of visiting Italy a number of times, as well as living with an Italian for the past 10 years. As a result, I've had the fortune to eat some excellent traditional Italian pizza. When we first moved here to Utrecht, we tried out the pizza at various nearby Italian restaurants, and the one we consistently enjoyed the most was Pinocchio's. The dough is tasty and just the right thickness. The sauce and ingredients are tasty and perfectly balanced in portion, and the pizza is never oily.

Owned and operated by a native Italian, the pizzas and calzone are made to order, with a variety of toppings and combinations. The pizzeria also offers a variety of pastas, salad, focacce, and desserts. You can stop in and order the food to go, or you can have it delivered, but there's no in-house dining. Delivery is free with an €8.50 minimum. The pizzas are reasonable prized, with simple ones starting at €6.50, and most averaging around €8.50.

Pinocchio's was recently voted the best pizza in Utrecht, a designation it certainly deserves. If you want authentic and tasty Italian food, definitely give Pinocchio's a try. They're located at Nobelstraat 26A, and are open Tuesday through Sunday, 11:30-21:30. The website lists the full menu and information for ordering. Buon appetito!

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Utrecht Goes Bebop

Tomorrow is the last Cultural Sunday of the year in Utrecht, and it's going out swinging. Swing music, jazz, and bebop to be precise. Utrecht is becoming Swing City for the day, with 27 concerts taking place at 14 locations throughout the city. Bebop is known for its complex rhythms and harmonies and solos from multiple instruments, but it's also the most recognizable and most played form of jazz.

The festivities kick off at 11 a.m. at Winkel van Sinkel with a jazz brunch. You can spend the rest of the day there, enjoying additional concerts and jazz vocal performances, or you can head to 't Hoogt theater to watch any of the three jazz films showing. There are also multiple concerts around the city with different variations of jazz and bebop being performed. Most of these concerts are free. Check out the official website to plan your schedule.

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Ice Skating in Utrecht
Indoor Ice Skating
One of the stereotypical images people often think of when winter comes to mind is one of ice skating. Even those of us who grew up in warmer climates, where we were more likely to be swimming than ice skating, have been influenced by film and illustrations. While we wait to see if this winter will lead to canals and lakes frozen enough to skate on outdoors, we now have an indoor option here in Utrecht. Neude on Ice is a large, temporary structure housing an indoor ice rink, along with an attractive café serving a variety of food and drink.

From December 10 through January 8, you can skate to your heart's content. Open daily from 10-22:00 at Neude square, you can skate for as long as you want for €5. Take your own skates, or rent them there for €5. The rink is open every day except December 25 and January 1.

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Amsterdam is a Place for Christmas Vacation

photo by Roxie Carpenter on flickrContrary to popular belief, plenty of people spend their Christmas vacation in Amsterdam. Though many of the city's residents may step out to be with family or go skiing, plenty more stick around and take advantage of the numerous special events that will be going on.

Here is a short list of city sponsored events (which doesn't include the long list of music and arts going on, Ill do those next time):

The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam's most beautiful performing arts hall, features a free concert on the 24th. Show up early to make sure you get a seat.

The Carré theater on the Amstel will be featuring their Christmas Circus, all month long.

I've heard word that the Muziektheater on the IJ harbor will host the national ballet performing - what else - the Nutcracker!

The Winterparade is now going on at the WestergasFabriek; which means food, drinks, and a whole lot of entertainment.

Also in Westerpark, this Sunday the 18th, there will be something quite different from traditional Christmas Markets, there will be a "Funky Christmas Market"

Thats just the beginning. In the coming days we will cover concerts and other shows going on that make Amsterdam holiday wonderland.

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A Christmas Carol in The Hague

It started last weekend, but there's still three shows to go this month! On 15, 17, and 21 December, British master storyteller Ashley Ramsden is performing the beloved Christmas classic by Charles Dickens.

The program provides a great tribute to the original masterpiece. But there are also a number of surprising add-ons to the show that vary based on the venue where it takes place. For example, audiences may be treated to a guided tour of the Historical Museum, a Dickensian buffet at the Hofje van Wouw, or a pre-theater dinner near the Branoul Theatre.

For more information visit www.theenglishtheatre.nl

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"Cool Event" in Scheveningen

Interesting choice of name, I know. But Scheveningen, The Hague's beach resort, is transformed into a winter wonderland named, you guessed it, "Cool Event." Until 15 January, if you head to the Kurhaus Hotel you'll see a 550 square meter ice skating rink. Head on out and enjoy! When it's time to warm up, it's nice to know that many restaurants around the ice skating rink have special offers during the Cool Event.

The skating rink is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00. They make a slight exception on 24 and 25 December and 1 January, when they open from 10:00 to 19:00. Admission is €4.50, and skates are available to rent for €4.50 a pair (and a deposit of €10).

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The Jumping Flea Market

Beginning today, Rotterdam is now the home to one of the more fascinating shops to open anywhere, particularly if you're a music lover with a fondness for ukuleles, handmade items and folk art. The Jumping Flea Market, Mostly Musical Wonders and Curiosities, is a shop specializing in ukuleles, with a selection of instruments for the beginner to the seasoned musician. The owners of the shop are also the driving force behind the regular Ukulele Jamboree held in Rotterdam throughout the year. As well as the ukuleles, you will find handmade cigar-box instruments and amps, miniature accordions, novelties, gadgets and fun stuff, plus original folk- and low-brow art by local artists and crafts people.

The shop is the first part of the space to open, but in the meantime, they'll also be putting the finishing touches on The Parlour, which will be an intimate place to learn, listen, play, teach, and cook, with an emphasis on low-tech, do-it-yourself fun. They hope to throw open the doors to the Parlour in February.

The Jumping Flea Market is located at Zaagmolenstraat 125a, 3036HH Rotterdam, and they'll be open every day until Christmas eve if you're looking for a special gift. Best of all, they offer a free lesson for every ukulele sold and the lesson can be passed along if you're buying the uke as a gift for someone. For more information on what they offer, check out their website (in English).

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Bicycle cultures

Amsterdamize has done it again. He did this one a few weeks ago, but it's still a gem worth sharing. He called his post "Bicycle Cultures Are Man-Made," and not only does he provide some excellent commentary on bicycling culture in the Netherlands, but as usual, he offers some great images of that culture.

His post was actually written for the new website of the European Cyclists Federation, but he included it on his blog, with a few additions. A few key excerpts, though I recommend you read the whole thing:

Cycling is so much part of everyday life in the Netherlands that not many Dutch people give it a second thought, let alone recognize the ʻcultureʼ part of it. Itʼs that normal. As normal as water from the tap. Itʼs just there and we use it. And yes, the Dutch take it for granted.

The bottom line: there are more similarities than differences between the Netherlands and the rest of the world when it comes to everyday cycling. Thereʼs more than meets the eye, too, you just have to have an open mind. Bicycle cultures are man-made. Itʼs a choice. Cycling should be for everyone, not just the brave and few.

If you're interested in better understanding the culture behind the ubiquitous biking in the Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, I highly recommend spending some time with this piece. If nothing else it will inspire you to hop on a bike and conquer Amsterdam on two wheels.

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Kraak & Smaak

Amsterdam and Rotterdam usually get the big shows, but this month Utrecht is getting Kraak & Smaak, the Dutch music producers famous for songs like Squeeze Me and Dynamite. Described as a "must-see live band", they've played numerous festivals and venues and now are playing Tivoli in Utrecht on December 28. The show will feature special guest: John Turrel (Smoove & Turrell) plus support by Knobsticker. Tickets are €17.50 and the show starts at 21:00. For more information about purchasing tickets, visit the Tivoli website.

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Photography Exhibits Getting Much Buzz

Feels like I can't bike more than 2 blocks these days without someone asking if I've seen the exhibits at the FOAM (photography museum) this month. People are ranting and raving in a very good way about the inspiring and captivating images that are part of two shows.

1 - Stanley Greene - Black Passport: this show features images from the private life and some of the most conflict plagued regions of the world that he has photographed. He is also the founder of the NOOR photography agency. (show is on til early February)

2 - Joel Sternfeld - Color Photographs since 1970: He is one of the pioneers of color photographs and you certainly feel it when you see his images. He captures daily life images from some fantastic parts of the United States, some of which have never been on display before.

These two shows are very much the talk of the town, right after what are you doing for Christmas and New Years. Clearly they are not to miss and you've got over month to do so.

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Lefebvre Wine Café

Wine Bar
If you want to start the holiday weekend off with a bit of style and elegance, try Wijncafé Lefebvre, newly opened at Neude 2 in Utrecht. The café is small and stylishly minimalistic, yet with a warm, cozy vibe. Clean lines and wine quotes dominate the decor, with service staff that aims to please. The wine on offer comes from multiple countries and regions, representing a variety of grapes and blends to please any palette. The café also offers small bites to eat, making it an ideal spot to meet up with friends or to take a date.

Lefebvre is also offering a special party for New Year's. From 00:30 until 4:30, for €50, you get an open bar of bubbles, wine, beer and snacks. Space is limited, so reserve your spot by e-mailing info@wijncafelefebvre.nl. For more information on the wines on offer, visit the café's http://www.wijncafelefebvre.nl/.

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Christmas Circus in The Hague

It's on now! The Christmas Circus in The Hague (held at the Malieveld) takes place between 22 and 28 December. This is considered one of the best in terms of international circuses. If you're looking for a new and exciting way to celebrate Christmas, try celebrating in a heated circus tent. From the website (roughly translated):

Christmas Circus The Hague is a production of the Foundation's Great Russian State Circus. This renowned circus with its rich history stands out very clearly from other major international circuses! Last year Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, and Princess Máxima visited. The royal highnesses intensely enjoyed the pace of the show, the balanced mix of different acts, the perfectionism, the unparalleled humor and ambiance. A show that once again proved that circus art remains valued entertainment for all ages and all generations!

There you have it - even the queen visited. You can purchase tickets online and see a day to day breakdown of events at the circus.

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Expatriate Archive Centre
logo.gifDear Trippist readers, this is my last post on this wonderful blog. It's been five years and more than 500 entries. It's been wonderful writing here. It has made me more observant about life around me. Instead of shuffling to the train with my head down, I'm forced to look for fun and exciting things to share with all of you. If anyone feels like life is getting mundane, just write for a blog like Trippist. I guarantee you'll realize the place you live has lots to offer.

I'll end with a plug for a great project I heard about a while ago. It's called the Expatriate Archive Centre. It: "collects, preserves, promotes and makes accessible a collection of primary source materials, documenting the global social history of expatriate life."

Given that many Trippist readers are expats too, I thought it might be interesting to know there's a place out there that is interested in documenting your life stories! So what do they collect? Here's what they say on their website:

The main issues of a lifetime 'on the move' were common to most expatriates: children's schooling; health of grandparents; domestic servants; medical care; foreign languages; new cultures and friends; severed friendships; bridge; golf; sailing; climate; gardens; dual-careers; politics - a rich mosaic of life spread around an increasingly interconnected globe.

They regularly offer two main workshops: One called "From a suitcase to an archive - An introduction to the Archive's history." Here, participants get to explore a little bit behind the scenes. The other workshop is called "Out of the boxes! - Start writing your life stories." They also maintain a blog.

Happy holidays, everyone, and all the best for 2012!

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Old and New in Utrecht

If you still haven't made up your mind what to do for New Year's Eve in Utrecht, there are plenty of big parties from which to choose. First up is Winkel van Sinkel with its Bal Masque. Find the floor to fit your mood, with Nu Jazz Swing Electro on the ground floor, Space Disco and Nu Disco on the next floor, and finish up with Sexy House and Classics on the top floor. The party starts at 22:00 and there's free champagne at midnight to ring in 2012. Tickets are €45 in advance and €50 at the door (although they may also sell out in advance).

If you feel like channeling a bit of Parisian flair but can't make the trip, try Club Monza's Moulin Rouge party. Beginning at 23:00, the club will transform into a Parisian nightclub with music covering all sorts of styles, including House, Latin, R & B and top 40, as well as performances by Andy Foreman, Don Ruan, Vince Moogin and Groovebrother, as well as a mystery guest. The party goes on until 05.00 and tickets cost €10.

Tivoli is also hosting multiple parties at its various locations and clubs beginning just after midnight at 00:30. At the Oudegracht location, there's Tivoli Loves 2012, a dance party highlighting classics from ages past, including Zer00's Heroes, 90s Now and 80s Verantwoord, as well as the best of now. Tickets are €30.

For something a little different, also at 00:30, Tivoli's Spiegelbar is hosting NYE Swing, dedicated to Electro Swing: a combination of swing jazz from the '20s and '30s and contemporary electronic music. The dance tunes from classic artists such as Artie Shaw, Ella Fitzgerald, Fred Astaire and the Andrew Sisters gain new life with new beats.Tickets cost €20.

Of course, lots of smaller clubs, bars and restaurants around town are hosting their own parties. If you have a favorite spot, check them out today to see if they're hosting their own party. And don't forget the free show that the city's residents put on at midnight with all of the fireworks. Just be careful! Happy 2012!

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Utrecht's Biltstraat

In the northeast corner of Utrecht, just a block north of the Stadsschouwburg, is Biltstraat, a charming street offering a great mix of restaurants, shopping and culture. There are a number of restaurants up and down the street, offering everything from sushi to shoarma. There are places such as Bouffe and Het Licht, which offer something a bit fancier if you want, although Het Licht also offers a special lunch deal these days. Then there are cafés such as the quirky Te Koop, where you can buy some of the interior decorations, as well as food. There are also a number of new bars and restaurants that have opened up, offering trendy and stylish options, such as Inspired. Of course, there are also typical Chinese and Indonesian options, as well as Grillroom Sphinx, which has some of the best late-night shoarma and mixed-grill options in town.

If you prefer to cook your own food, there's a selection of grocery options, including the newly opened Kippersluis grocery store, which has taken the place of Super de Boer. Next door, there's the organic butcher, Groeneweg and next door is the organic grocer, Estafette, which also offers gluten-free cakes and assorted items.

If you're looking for a bicycle shop, there are multiple options, such as Het Stalen Paard, for both new and used bikes, as well as the accompanying accessories.

If you're looking for games and athletics, there's the Fitness Factory for your regular workout. For something a bit different, check out Laser Quest and Snookercentrum Ozebi. If dancing is more your speed, there's the dance school Club El Brillante.

If you want a bit of beauty in your life, check out Aya Living for a beautiful selection of home goods and furniture. Their changing window displays are always a pleasure to look at. If it's yourself that you want to beautify, there's Descansa Beauty Center across the street, offering personal styling, as well as massage and other beauty treatments.

Finally, there's even a museum for your enjoyment and education. The Museum Maluku documents the culture of the Moluccan community in the Netherlands.

Biltstraat offers an array of shops and services to suit your needs and the street even has an active presence on Twitter, keeping you up to date on the latest news and openings. If you're in this part of town, it's definitely worth checking out.

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Slow Fashion

Slow food has been one of the buzzwords of the past few years, and now slow fashion can join it. I-DID, a pop-up store in Utrecht's Twijnstraat neighborhood, is a fascinating shop combining fashion with a conscience. What they're offering is clothing made by hand by women in need of a job, those unable to find a job, or those who don't have the best qualifications to make it on their own. We're not talking simple home-ec outfits, though. These are quality pieces made from quality materials, and include everything from sweaters and dresses to skirts, accessories and more.

The pop-up store, located next to the Albert Heijn on Twijnstraat, is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10:00 to 18:00. Tomorrow, because of the impending holiday, they're open until 16:00. For koopzondag, they're open Sunday, January 8, from 12:00 to 17:00. They also offer free alterations if an item you buy at the shop needs hemming or lengthening. Check out their website for more information about their modern business model and how they're making a difference.

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Always Something to Do in Utrecht

Autumn Domtoren
Today marks not just the end of 2011, but also the end of my posts here at Trippist. Still, that doesn't mean the end of things to see and do here in Utrecht. The city is vibrant and full of things to see and do throughout the year, including the monthly Cultural Sunday events, the Festival aan de Werf, the Uitfest, the Nederland Film Festival and so much more. There's also lots of great restaurants, clubs and bars, and new ones always opening, as well as lots of great shopping.

In fact, Utrecht's tourism board has put together a series of eight self-guided tours for visitors and locals alike, which guide you through some of the highlights of the city, depending on your interest. There are ones for music, art, cooking, design, and fashion, as well as other themes. You can find them here, with routes to download and print out to guide you on your way.

2012 will probably see an even greater increase in events around Utrecht, as the city gears up for the anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht in 2013. Many of the sights and activities, such as the ongoing Trajectum Lumen, are leading up to the grand festivities. As they say, there's too much to do in Utrecht to visit for just one day, so make sure you make the most of what the city has to offer. In the meantime, goodbye from me in Utrecht and have a safe and fun New Year's Eve and a wonderful 2012.

Utrecht Postcard

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