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Coming Soon: The Exchange Hotel

I'm a fan of the Lloyd Hotel, the spacious and unique hotel housed in a former migrant hotel in the Eastern Dock area of Amsterdam. Why? Because it has history, character, and every room is extremely different, which includes cost! Useful for all levels of traveler, even those of us who don't have much money but seek something interesting.

So perhaps because I like them, or perhaps because they are a major creative force in this city, I was very interested in the news that the owners of the Lloyd Hotel (Otto Nan and Suzanne Oxenaar) are going to be opening another hotel in the center of the city.

It will be called the Exchange Hotel and it will be housed in a historical building ride on the main street of Amsterdam, the Damrak. Like its sister-hotel, the Exchange will feature rooms from 1 star to 5 stars, each to be designed in its own unique style. A total of 63 rooms in total, it is hard to imagine that this place will not be fun to visit and stay at.

According to their press release, the Exchange Hotel will be ready next year and will feature an all-day breakfast spot called Stock, as well as a shop that will feature items you cannot find anywhere else.... which brings up all kinds of visions in my head.

Stay tuned.


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