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Brussels Beach

Several years ago, one hot summer, the city of Paris launched its Paris-Plage campaign... making a beach on their riverfront. With all the fanfare and pizazz that one would expect of Paris, it became a big hit. It also became a tradition, as far as this traveler is concerned.

Well look-out Paris, Brussels is hot on your heels... maybe.

This year Brussels is doing Brussels Les Bains... the Brussels Beach.. in a big way. Sand, sun (occasionally), and fun are bringing not just city dwellers to the river front, but also out of town-ers. (running now until August 17th, everyday except monday)

Head over to their site for a full list (FR or NL, no english yet) of what is happening, where and when. Brussels should already have been on your to-do list for local trips in the Netherlands neighborhood, but now there is one more reason to really do it this summer... make a long weekend out of it. If the urban beach doesn't do it for you, we'll talk about the Belgian beaches next time. (an no, there is no swimming at Brussels Beach)


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