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Amsterdam Ice Hockey

Little known factoid: the Netherlands has a national hockey league. Beyond that, Amsterdam has a team known as the Amstel Tijgers.

Most people in Amsterdam won't be able to tell you much about them. I myself have a limited amount of things I can tell you. Often times, late at night, I watch the news that is repeated from earlier in the day, and at the very end, there is an item about how the Amstel Tijgers have won a match or made the playoffs.

After examining their website a little it is clear that they're very involved in the community, organizing a children's hockey league as well as playing in the national competition. Looking through the agenda, December is a fine month to catch their matches at the Jaap Edenbaan, so if you like hockey and you're in town, check out the Tijgers website and see if you can get to a match.


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jeremy wintersteen:

I'm part of an American hockey tour that is hoping to come to Amsterdam in late April or early May. I emailed the Amstel Tijgers but don't know if my email went through so am trying this site. Our ages are 25-65 and our level is good high school / club hockey ability. How many hockey rinks are there in Amsterdam and how many local teams are there? Could we play one or more Amsterdam teams?

Thank you

- Jeremy Wintersteen
Boston, Massachusetts


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